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Who we are

Interfor Usa Group is a small FFL07 company specialized in the small batch manufacturing of tactical firearms and equipment.

Founded by long time firearms enthusiasts, the aim of Interfor is to re build legal military weapons for collectors, target shooters and weapons enthusiasts, so they can possess civilian-legal versions of their favorite military and historical firearms.

Due the high tolerance of the original military firearms and the scarce availability of spare parts and blueprints, each one of these guns must be rebuilt by hand and fine tuned and test fired before being shipped.

For this reason our production rate may seem low but we strive to fulfill orders from our customers in reasonable amount of time. Right now the backlog is about 30 days and we are working weekends to keep the production rate. Our best customers have ordered about 10-12 different models/versions of firearms and having so many returning customers must mean something.

On the other hand we can offer great flexibility to the customers, as our guns can be built exactly as the customer requests, making possible to have clones of very rare historical guns, often based on museum pictures or other scanty material.

We test fire each firearm before shipping to make sure that everything works and the customer gets a functional gun right out of the box.

Can see some of our builds in action on our Youtube video channel, Interfor USA Group or at the OUR FIREARMS page on this site.

We are also fully licensed importers (FFL 08) and registered State Department exporters of firearms and ammunition.

Feel free to contact us at the CONTACTS page or via email at :





After the Military Arms Channel and Small Arms Solutions videos featuring our guns, we have received a lot of inquiries about our AR 70/90 builds, so we decided to post some information about them.

To have an AR70/90 clone built you need the following:

A complete aAR70/90 parts kit (some parts but not complete kits can be found at Apex Gun parts site).  Our sources say that all of these rifles have been sent to Ukraine within the current military aid program so for the moment we are not expecting any from Italy. They will be back in parts kits one day but won't be tomorrow. Right now the best venue is on Gunbroker.

Once you have a parts kit you will neet a Troy Ess (essbros) receiver and barrel.

Barrels are very good but the 80% receivers are absolutely gorgeous. There are other solution (I have some flats) but the Ess receiver is way better. 

Consider the Ess kit to be around $800 + shipping if sourced from us (more on Gunbroker) .

RIght now Troy Ess seems to have not many in stock so if you have a parts kit buy a set from him right now. 

And yes we do build AR70 series I too (and STGW 57, AKs, ARs , HKs etc.) but you will still need a parts kit (super super rare).

For more details please contact us at


Simone Ciucchi - owner


New video: Tim Harmsen of Military Arms Channel show one of our Beretta AR 70/90 clones.

New video: Chris Bartocci of Small Arms Solutions tests one of our Beretta AR 70/90 clones

Test fire of our FMK SMG clone (Argentina)

New video: Beretta AR 70/90 reassembly

New build: OWEN SMG clone as a 16" rifle


This time we decided to build an Owen SMG clone.

As you all probably know Owen SMG parts kit have been impossible to find for decades, so we decided to build a clone using some semi auto closed bolt Sten parts, ab Sten trunnion and barrel nut system, an AR15 trigger system.

The nice ting is that the gun comes out very similar to the original gun. The Sten was considered the best at the time so the original Owen used many parts suspiciously similar to the Sten but the vertical pro gravity feeding made the gun very reliable. Consider that during the tests we lost the extractor service due to a too softened spring but we did not realize it till later as the gun fed and ejected perfectly due to the gravity help. Evelyn Owen was really a genius.

New build GALIL ARM (squad MG) 5.56 rifle

This time we present a GALIL ARM rebuilt from an original parts kit, a new US made barrel and a ATI receiver. The gun is 110% reliable and fun to build and shoot. The finish is original Israeli and still bears the paint marks of the original battalion armory to make the easily recognizable at brigade/division exercises (red paint on stock and front of gun).

This gun has an original bipod and a rebuilt carry handle (which are impossible to find as the parts kits were stripped and handles resold aside).  

Test fire of a repaired PTR PDW (MC51 clone) which did not cycle properly

Owners of these gun, in particular those industrially produced like PTR etc. know that there is a fair chance thatthe gun does not work, even when new. The gun can be hard to cock, not cycle properly or the bolt does not close back. This is because of the short barrel, which does not have enough energy unless the gun is completely optimized. Can be more than one thing: locking piece, springs etc. and every gun is a game by itself even of the same brand and model. This is the reason that HK never wanted to make guns this short and the SAS had them made by a US gunsmith.

In this case we have a new PTR which had problems and we optimized for 100% reliability.

Test fire of Ar70/90 for customer E.Z.

Internet personality MISHACO tests one of our built AR70/90 on his Youtube channel.

We have been honored by Internet personality MISHACO to test and evaluate two of our AR70/90 builds. The builds were regularly paid full price so the good the bad and the ugly will be all there. We thank Mr. MISHACO for the great opportunity he has given us introducing one of our most known builds to his audience. 

Finally done: Sig 550  551  552  553 magazine well adapter for AR15 magazines (LANCER AWM and Magpul Gen 3)  for ALUMINUM lowers. Order from us or on Gunbroker.

Our latest creation: Colt LSW clone with 1" heavy barrel and 3d printed handguard.

Our newest 3d printed creation : an adapter to use Lancer AWM and Magpul PMAG Gen 2-3  AR15 magazines in  SIG 550-551-552-553 rifles - FOR STEEL LOWERS

Need more information? Download the PDF manual here: SIG 550 family magazine adapter guide

Field test of the SIG 55x family AR magazine adapter - FOR STEEL LOWERS

This is the presentation and test fire of our AR15 magazine adapter for the SIG 550 faily (551-552-553). The system is composed of one adapter which drops in the SIG rifle. The Lancer AWM magazine works "as is" while the MAGPUL Gen 2 or 3 magazine you must use the provided overtravel guard which slides on the magazine body. Other magazine model (metal etc. are NOT supported due to the variety of dimensions out there). Also each magazine will need a slot cut in the back as by jig on the side of the over travel guard provided with the kit.

This adapter is designed for steel lowers only. Aluminum lowers have different dimensions. If you have an aluminum lower see our Aluminum lower model up the page. 

New gun: Colt DOE AR 9mm clone pistol.

This time we decided to clone another gun of the '80s.

The Lafrance M16K was a super short AR designed by Tim LaFrance in 1980. The idea of Lafrance, a pretty famous armorer who worked for the cinema industry, was to provide a short gun with enough punch to counter an eventual vehicle ambush. The gun had to be short (to be handled in vehicle) pack a punch (at the time the Secret Service used the 9mm UZI) and have a fast acquisition sighting system (at the time red dots were not reliable or evolved like today).

The result was the M16K which was impressive under many aspects, the most being the super fast acquisition sight which predated the ghost ring by 40 years. Basically the front sight is a ghost ring which goes into the rear diopter sights (adjustable) and provides a fast and accurate short within 50-70 mt. even on moving targets (if you use it correctly with both eyes open).

Out team was so impressed by the  sight that we decided to make a Nylon X model of it and sell it on Gunbroker. Basically it can be mounted on any A1 A2 or A3 upper without a front sight or with a foldable one (the front sight obstructs the ghost ring). The ghost ring is bolted into the hole of the top handle. This gun has been proposed (and already sold) on Gunbroker but we can build one for you on order.


New gun: Colt DOE AR 9mm clone pistol.

The Colt 9mm DOE was adopted in the 1980s by the U.S. Department of Energy for the protection of plants ad assets. It was basically considered the best alternative to the much more expensive MP5. As of today this model is considered very rare die to the low number of items produced and the special sights mounted on the gun (basically a flip up LMG sight with a shield designed to be pushed against the firing ports of Department of Energy armored cars preventing discharges with the barrel pointed inside the vehicle when in movement. We built this gun making it as a pistol and re drawing the handguard and the front sight which are literally unobtanium today. Th ebrace deserves a mention by itself. We started from a drawing of the XM177 stock and removed the all the parts which go against the shoulder so the user can have a fully legal brace which preserves the original outline  of the stock for looks purposes. this gun is for sale at $1200 + shipping and on Gunbroker (for more). Please contact us if you are interested. 

A sneak preview of our prototype MC51K 4.5" barrel.

Some pictures Beretta AR70/90 clone cal. 5,56

NEW BUILD: Beretta AR70/90 clone cal. 5,56 (sold out)

NEW BUILD: Mystery Gun

NEW BUILD:  PPS43 rifle with extended sleeve 9 mm. Cal.

Our latest build: PPS43 rifle with 16" barrel, perfetcly working stock (folding - locking etc.) . We wanted to make this gun a little different from the PPs-43s you find already on market, which are basically pistols with a stock welded in the closed position. Our build is more realistic and similar to the original as it has a 16" barrel and fully working stock. To make it lose the ant eater look of the longer barrel we extended the barrel sleeve to cover most part of the extension. 

Test fire of one Cetme 7,62 Nato and 2 HK MP5K clones

New test fire of some gun for our customers

New video: a test fire of some of our builds. Sten MKV. Mp5 Mp5K.


This time we test fire some of pur builds we made for our customers. We made a Sten MKV rifle, a MP5 and two MP5K with different outfits.

For this test we used 9mm Norma 115gr @1200 fps but for these guns, especially for short barrels like the MP5K, we recommend the Nato load 124 grs. @1200 fps (or similar). The heavier bullets assures a smoother cycle even with heavy springs and dirty guns. While the 115 gr. is very good in pistols, the bullet weight could be not enough to push an heavy bolt from a short barrel.


New video: our AK Krinkov pistol with brace and our in house (non Franklyn) binary trigger

This time we stest fire our AK47 pistol in 7,62x39 with triangle brace and binary trigger. 

instead of using a Franklyn trigger we decided to test the Keybase binary design and worked perfectly after a couple modification (a longer tail).

The system is completely selectable (Safe binary semi) by the selector lever.

New video : how to assemble/disassemble a Velocity Firearms MAC10 system gun

Velocity Firearms MAC10 and MAC9 guns are somewhat different from traditional Cobray, Jaws and RPB Macs and no manual or video is available online. For this reason we decided to make a video on how to assemble and disassemble, with details on parts different from the traditional closed bolt MACs.

This video is dedicated to the late Sean Cody who was a great MAC expert and from whose site I learned a lot even before moving to the US and meeting him.

Test fir of our MP5 clone with Franklyn Armory binary trigger

 This time we test fire our MP5 clone with a Franklyn Armory binary trigger. This trigger IS NOT A DROP IN trigger as it is furnished without an ejector lever and, even in the best cases, needs a lot of fine tuning to provide a reliable functioning, so for sure you will need a gunsmith to install it or at least some gunsmithing skills. The secret is in the proper setup of the height of the ejector which is regulated by a screw in forward part of the trigger box. Once properly set up this toy give some satisfaction though.

A panoramic of our HK33 - 33k and 53 clones

 This time we show a panoramic view of our 53 and 33k clones, both in 5,56 Nato caliber. 

We do also in .300 Blackout but prices will be higher due to higher cost of parts and ammunition to test. Barrel length are between 4.5 inches (53K) 8.5 (53) 12.5 (33K) anup to 16" (33). 12.5 barrels can be permanently extended to 16" using a 4.5 flash hider permanently pinned and welded to the barrel.

Interfor SA15 STUBBY - 5,56 Nato pistol with SBA3 brace

This time we rebuilt an old timer. A clone of the famous Olympic Arms SA15 "Stubby". 

In the '90s this gun was considered so revolutionary because it could work with 7.5" barrels. Adjustable gas block had not been invented at the time and the manufacturer invented a pig tails tube which was basically a full length tube which turned around the barrel to keep gas level down and control overgassing. The original gun was not very reliable (we discovered later that the tube tended to come off under heavy use) but was so revolutionary that it was adopted by (at the time private) escort detail of Silvio Berlusconi, not yet a politica figure.

Italian cops like me watched at the gun with envy as our Beretta M12 SMGs seemed little toys in comparison to that gun.

A comment from a 53 clone customer who bought the M53 clone in 12" depicted here below.

I just made a payment for the additional magazines and the stock.
I am so happy with the result! 
I will send you back pictures of it being enjoyed!

M53 (HK53 clone) test 5,56 cal.  in 12" barrel length

Another PPSH41 test but in 7.62 caliber version.

We test fire another PPSH41 in 7,62 Tokarev original caliber. This caliber is little hotter and more historically accurate. The good news is that you can change caliber simply swapping the barrel. Removal is easy just open the gun and remove a pin and slide the barrel out.

Yugo M47 test fire 9mm rifle

We test fired our Yugo M47 9mm rifle at the lab bullet trap and at the range. Seems a PPSH but the system is more similar to the Beretta 34 SMG. Love it.

RPD semiauto rifle test fire with hammer system and binary trigger

We test fired our RPD semiauto build with hammer system and binary system. All OK. Ready for cleanup and finish.

MC51K prototype test fire , 4.5" barrel.

This is the test fire of our prototype MC51K Dragon based on a 4.5" barrel. The locking piece is modified to make the gun open on a short 4.5" barrel and the gun is powerful but very pleasant to shoot. 

Expected price is $1500-13000 due to increasted cost of parts. The gun is still in development as the end cap for the special extensible brace we have developed canmot hold the energy of the 7,62 Nato cartridge for long before cracking. Will probably have to revert to a traditional steel end cap with folding brace. On a 9mm would not be a problem but this gun is a juggernaut so we will have to use strong materials.

100 Youtube subscribers ...and new THANK YOU VIDEO on how to build your semi auto Swedish K

Swedish K M45 9mm. final test fire

Final test fire of our M/45 Swedish K built on order for a customer. This is the 3rd gun of this kind we have built this month, we had to stop due to scarcity of parts kit. They are practically unavailable anywhere by now. 

Pretty soon we will publish a complete build guide from a parts kit on this site.


See more of our guns at