How a G3 is made - original German movie

found this gem on Youtube . A vintage German movie on how the g3 is made with 1000s of operations. This will help to understand how difficult is to rebuild one of these guns. 

PPSh41 9mm rifle clone 16" barrel

This is our clone of the PPSh41 SMG, made in rifle version in 9mm. cal. 

We were surprised by the smoothe shooting of this build and the fidelity to the original , as the 16" barrrel is just barely longer than the original barrel and consents the use of the original stock.

FMK-3 rifle lab test fire

We have test fired the FMK3 semiauto build before heading to the range for more tests. We loved this gun and we are building more of these as we found the design way superior to the UZI and way more reliable. Thanks for watching

How to safely load a PPSH41 drum magazine

We have had some requests for PPSH41 rifles and we decided to make a video on how to load the drum magazine. It is not difficult but it is important that you always use your fingertips and never insert fingers in the spring mechanism as it can release and bite them. Use a tool to adjust the bullets position in the magazine.

Customer picture of the month: Our HK53 clone (M53) with SBT5A brace

One of our customers ordered one of our HK53 clones (M53) in 5,56 cal. and liked the gun so much that he decided to add a SBT5A brace. 

We guess it required a little file work on the end cap as the SBT5A is designed for the MP5 whose receiver is a tad smaller than the HK53 but we must admit the result is excellent. The gun looks so good that we will offer the SBT5A brace as an optional in the future. We thank our customer Mr. M.J. for sending us the picture and the appreciation, he sure has earned a discount on next order. 

You will also see that the gun is sporting now a Pro Mag 5,56 magazine. Contrary to rumors these magazines are not bad but simply need some file job to be adapted to the gun and are a viable alternative to expensive and often worn out original HK magazines. Compliments to out customer again for a job well done. 

Our latest build : Sten MK3 take down version

The task was not easy. The customer wanted a Sten Mk3 which could be disassembled like an MK2. 

As you probably know the MK3 was the cheap version of the Sten family and was completely pinned to save costs; this meant that the troops could not maintain and was designed to be left back and taken to maintenance facilities which could remove the pin and repair it.

The troops hated it and the customer did not like a gun which could not be serviced in house so he asked us to male a MK2 and make it look like an MK3.

So we decided to make a 2 piece rib which would end in line once you screwed in the front barrel nut (or sleeve).

If you look attentively you can see a very small cut in the front rib. The threads on the front barrel nut (sleeve) had to be treated with anti seize paste because the rib is straight when the front sleeve is fully torqued into the receiver. 

Making the sleeve perfectly straight was a pain (the sleeve could fully torque left or right every time it was reassembled) but I think we did a good job. If you look attentively you can see a small cut in the front rib where the front rib aligns with the rear receiver rib.

Sten MK5 SOE semiauto rifle test fire

This time we test fire a MK5 Sten SOE clone. This gun was built on order for a customer who wanted a MK5 rifle but did not like the "ant eater " appearance of the mandatory (by law) 16" barrel. For this reason we decided to build a clone of the MK5 SOE silinced version, equipped with a fake silencer. This gun is just half inch longer than the original MK5 SOE and is pretty similar to the original gun.

Ken Eaton tests our Cetme G3K clone

Mr. Ken Eaton of Eaton Personal Defense test fires our Cetme K 7,62 rifle

This gun is built fro a Cetme parts kit, our receiver and a RCM 14.5 mm. G3K barrel. This is the only G3K style clone available on the US market at an affordable price. Look for more pictures in our STORE.

Sten Mk3 taked down (can disassembled unscrewing the front sleeve.